My electronic payment terminal shows me “alert irruption” what to do?

Electronic payment terminals are objects of technology. They may experience more or less significant problems. These errors are symbolized by messages and codes. To understand what is going on, we will list a few and tell you what to do.

Alert Irruption

This is a problem not to be taken lightly. It is not common, but when it occurs, it is often for the same cause: physical shock (although other causes may be responsible).
This message appears when the electronic payment terminal suffers from some kind of compromise, that is, the use of the payment terminal becomes compromised.
In addition to the physical fall, the other cause often noted is the presence of too much electrical voltage.
In either case, the electronic payment terminal should be sent back to its supplier for a closer look.

At present, there is no other alternative to this problem where the message “Alert Irruption” appears.

Out of reach

That's a pretty clear message. This is the absence of the payment terminal on its basebase.
However, if your TPE is on its base and the terminal displays this message, it will be necessary to ensure that all connections (electric and/or telephone) are good.
If this message persists, contact the supplier should be contacted to consider a change of base.

Silent map

This is a case that has already happened to many people. The mute card is a message from the payment terminal indicating that it cannot properly read the credit card chip.
The causes are often the same: a card that is misinserted or inserted too quickly, or a faulty chip card reader. It is possible to rub the chip of the card to remove microdust that has crept onto the bank card. It's a classic.
On the other hand, if the problem persists, it is because the payment terminal is failing. Now is the time to contact your supplier to let them know about your problem, and consider a change.

No sim

For owners of a mobile payment terminal, you have the presence of a SIM card that is integrated directly into the device. Is the message “no SIM” appearing? Particularly embarrassing.
Make sure the SIM card is present in the device, otherwise contact your supplier to explain the problem.

False code

This happens to everyone, and when it does, a whiff of adrenaline fills us to make sure we type in the right numbers. What to do in such a case as a seller?
You have to stay calm and not get upset, because the failure of the payment terminal is possible.
When the customer has this message, give him the opportunity to type his code a second time. The message persists, at best, use another TPE and check if the payment passes. If so, it is probably because the TPE is damaged. You will have to turn to the supplier to request the change of TPE.

Unducata impossible

When you want to take a duplicate out of a receipt you've issued, the electronic payment terminal says it's not possible. What can I do?
The only solution is to contact your bank to ask for a trace of this particular transaction. If the TPE is a mobile payment terminal such as SumUp Air, SumUp 3G, myPOS Combo, myPOS Mini, iZettle Reader 2, PocketSmile or MaxiSmile,be aware that all cash receipts are well recorded in your mobile application.

Incident 0003

This can only happen when you are connected to your store's ADSL box. This incident is not dramatic in itself. Nevertheless, it is important to know what to do so as not to get upset.
Make sure everything is well connected and working properly. Are the cables in their place or not? Hasn't the Internet box been shut down and restarted on its own?
Finally, is there work on the street on the Internet? These are things that happen frequently.
However, if the problem is still present, now is the time to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ask what is going on.
There are not that many error codes on PETs. It is essential to retain them in order to be well-off if one day this should happen.
Be aware that with mobile TPEs like SumUp, iZettle, myPOS and Smile and Pay,there are solutions that are presented on their respective websites. Customer service is very responsive and will meet your needs perfectly.