iZettle or SumUp: comparison of 2 mobile payment terminals

iZettle and SumUp are two powerful mobile payment devices. These are the two main players that dominate the market, although there are other companies that have a say.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. It's time to take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

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SumUp and iZettle: two solid companies

Before discussing the technical aspects of payment terminals, it is interesting to know the strengths of each company.

SumUp is a British company that has been around for a number of years. She has done fundraisers, mergers with other companies to be always better. This company has the merit of having the support of American Express and BBVA Ventures, which are two well-known international structures.

IZettle is a Swedish company that has been in existence since 2010. Now it is owned by Paypal, an American company. Amount of the transaction: $2.2 billion.

SumUp stands out from its rival through the presence of a 3G case when iZettle will stand out with its application.

Between the two payment terminals, which is the best? Good question! Let's look at some of the answers in this comparison between two main market players.

First elements to compare two good TPEs

As you may have seen in one of our articles on the website, there are several aspects that can be easily compared. We will find the initial cost of the terminal, the commission rate (which is the only source of remuneration of the company that provides the TPE), the different cards (and means of payment) accepted by the card reader, the quality of the mobile application especially if it can be used as a cash register, a history of sales, complementary accessories… These are many aspects that need to be looked at.

In this comparison between iZettle and SumUp, we will address all these elements.

The price and rates of the electronic payment terminal

To begin with, we will analyze the rates put in place by both companies.

The iZettle Reader 2 bank card reader is available at 79 euros. It's 40 euros more expensive than the SumUp Air, which is marketed at 39 degrees. The SumUp 3G is sold at 99 degrees.

However, the two competitors are fighting a fierce battle to acquire more and more users. Offers are regularly available, as well as:

  • The iZettle Reader 2 rises to 19-HT,
  • The SumUp Air rises to 19 euros,
  • The SumUp 3G goes up to 69 euros.

These offers are not eternal and are time-limited. But they are regularly made available to new customers. A 30-day trial period is available at both companies.

The commission rates are the same, i.e. 1.75%,for each transaction.

For small businesses that don't make big, monstrous sales every month, this is an excellent bias. Whether at SumUp or iZettle, the amount donated will be the same.

We know companies, like Smile and Pay, which has a commission rate of 2%. Only, it's degressive. It can go down to 1.2%, which is still very interesting for structures that make big CA per month.

Whether it's at SumUp, iZettle, myPOS or Smile and Pay, there's no monthly subscription to pay. Just as there is no minimum commitment of duration.

The means of payment accepted

Another point where they only part edits very little. Indeed, these two companies have worked well to meet the vast majority of customer needs. We find the classics VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Diners which are accepted by the TPE.

SumUp does not accept the JCB that is available from its competitor.

The payment his contact will differentiate them. All cards that have an NFC chip are compatible. In contrast, iZettle accepts Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. SumUp has not yet accepted the Korean (Samsung Pay).

In this match, we can say that iZettle took a slight lead. However, foreign cards are not actually used in Europe and France, so that's not a big difference.

The mobile app to separate them?

So far, the two companies are neck-and-neck. There is not one that truly stands out from the other. These two applications are very interesting. They are not just used to cash in. They are more complete with advanced functions… found in cash register software.

Although it performs well, one admits one regret: iZettle is not certified. They are not compatible with French cash register legislation. So, if you want to use it as such, you will have to insert twice the amount, once in the certified checkout software and once at the heart of the mobile application.

Companies that work with several sellers like to know who sold what, the number of sales… To do this, simply use the appropriate “Employees” function to find out who did such an action. You will be able to get all the statistics you are looking for.

Our preferred function for writing is this: the management of articles and the possibility of creating a product catalog. We like it a lot, because it saves monumental time. Of course, if you use a cash register for this purpose, it will not be necessary. On the other hand, if not, the creation of articles is very simple. On a card, you can add a name, an image, its price and VAT. When your customer arrives to pay what he owes you, all you have to do is select the items he takes and the amount is done automatically. All you have to do is press the “Cash” button. When payment is accepted, all you have to do is edit a receipt, either by email or SMS.

To find a real interest in these applications, we advise you to integrate them into the cash register process that SumUp and iZettle make available to you.

Accessories to have a complete cash register

On one side you will have the SumUp Point of Sale, on the other hand you will have the cash register in the iZettle Cloud. In both situations, you have a high-performance cash register.

At SumUp,we end up with “the cash system of tomorrow.” It's basically an app, to be used with an iPad-like tablet on a wooden stand, which allows you to manage everything. In this counter, there is a SumUp Air on its support. You'll be able to add additional accessories like the pre-configured router that connects the various components of SumUp, a barcode reader equipped with Bluetooth technology, and the necessary to make the business mobile and cash in from everywhere. The received printer is on board.

The whole thing forms a certified cash register system that can be quickly taken in hand and used as you wish.

The Point of Sales app is very easy to use. It's an app with a simple and intuitive interface. Although it requires an internet connection to function properly, it is equipped with an offline function.

This application is effective because it allows you to accept all types of payments, including cash and debit or credit cards.

Customer tracking is integrated. This way, you can pamper your customers with vouchers, assets or bills.

Of course, employee tracking is available. Each person has an identifier that can verify who did what and have extensive statistics. It is also a solution to allow certain actions to certain employees and not to everyone, especially when a hierarchy is set up.

The cash register designed by iZettle is just as powerful. With easy start-up, the ability to work from anywhere, even on the go with the iZettle app, not to miss anything and to centralize everything, in one place using the cloud, you're safe.

Features are present such as being able to easily change user space when there are multiple vendors, analyze the performance achieved by your company, understand the strengths and weaknesses of your company… Everything comes together to offer you the best.

For accounting concerns, it is possible to export all sales for your accountant.

Between iZettle and SumUp, there are complete functions. Whether you choose one or the other, there is little chance of being disappointed. These products and services are very relevant and provide real help on a daily basis.


What to choose between the two systems? There is no answer. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. But they look so much alike… that it's hard to share. In any case, whether you take SumUp or iZettle, you will not be disappointed.

Do you still want to know our opinion to the editor? It's a personal opinion that only engages us: we would tend to choose iZettle, just for the application. But for the cash register, SumUp convinces us also … Decidedly… hard to make a choice.