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Our values that are close to our hearts

We are looking to offer you unique content. Many websites make comparisons. But we bring a human touchto it, because our visitors must be treated with respect, without lying.
All product testing we share has been conducted over a long period of time. We are not paid by brands to express an opinion about a product or service. The test conditions are the same when it comes to a similar product.
Transparency is one of our core values. In addition to being frank, our tests are complete. If there's an anomaly or something we don't like? We will not hesitate for a second to communicate it.
By working in this way, we seek to satisfy you, dear Internet user, who are our main concern.

What is our approach to offering you better products?

In our surroundings, we are often told:“A good product is the best-selling product, so it is a brand”. We do not agree with that reasoning.
There are some very good products that come from big brands. But there are small companies that are trying to make their way with high quality products and insist on the human side. For them, selling in quantity is not of interest to them at first. They want to sell a quality product that will make its way on its own.
With the emergence of the Internet and online transactions, it is now possible to buy products in all countries. Competition is strong. But how do we choose one product over another?
The first is based on the product's potential from its technical sheet, but also from the first feedback from users in the French and English languages.
We know all too well: you (certainly) don't have the time or money to test all these products. That's why we do it for you, and always with envy.
We're (almost) sure: you have questions, don't you?

Do you earn money? If so, how do you do it?

Yes, we make a little bit of money.
On the product and service tests we do, there is a link to the product in question. These links include a tracking and tracking element. If you purchase this product from our link, we will receive a small commission.
In case you are not satisfied with the product, you have a deadline to return it and be refunded. In that case, we will not get any money.
This system is called affiliation. The commission percentage is virtually the same from one brand to another. You can choose the one that suits you the most, in complete serenity. And if you are not satisfied, you have the right to a legal withdrawal period to return the product.

Do we give advice honestly?

yes. Franchise and transparency are among thekey to this website. We don't want to sell you a dream. We just want to tell you the truth. When the product and/or service that goes with it are not good, we do not hesitate to tell you. The most important thing is to share fair and truthful information. Not all products are perfect. It is felt that if the manufacturer comes across our site and reads our review (positive and constructive), it is to render him a service to improve. Through this vision, everyone wins.
To prove it to you, we do not accept any partnership with any brand. The articles we write are the work of our team. They are not sponsored.
We have selected an economic model based on affiliation and we want to leave it at that. No brand will contact us to write an article in return for remuneration.
All companies are treated at the same level, there will be no favouritism.

Who writes the content? Are they experts and passionate about the subject?

The site is managed by Vincent Ricard, former business manager who has faced common difficulties. Let's take the example of the mobile payment terminal: today banks show little support for micro-enterprises that have relatively limited budgets.
We tested four brands and today we are fully satisfied. Our testing conditions are real because we have used them in different professional contexts.

Any comment? A question from you?

We have a Contact page that is provided for this purpose. We should not hesitate to contact us, for different reasons.
We like to talk to people who read us, so don't hesitate!