Which payment terminal to choose for your Taxi and VTC?

Whether you're a private driver, a taxi driver or a VTC, you may have this need to collect money, easily, for your customers. Apart from cash and the cheque (sometimes without provisions), it is not easy to find satisfaction with your customers.

However, too little departfrom her bank card. In this case, you need a payment terminal,also called, a bank card reader.

Which one is best suited for this profession? Which brand to choose? All the answers are in this article.

The mobile payment terminal for VTCs and drivers

This is by far the best way to cash in easily. Indeed, bank card payments are a reassuring way for the seller (here the driver in this case). By paying by credit card, you have a 99% chance that the customer will have his bank card, he can pay with a PIN or contactless code if the amount allows, and above all, you are sure to be paid, as for the case.

Unfortunately, the EpTs offered by banks are expensive and not easy to transport. These are not optimal solutions for taxi drivers who want a discreet object that is easy to transport and has speed of execution.

The taxi driver is a person who moves a lot. It is not possible to opt for a TPE that requires a constant connection to be sure to have battery.

This is not the profession where turnover sets are monstrous every month. It is difficult for the independent to make more than 10,000 euros in sales per month… unless you never sleep, and again. The rental of the TPEs provided by the banks would be too expensive: you have to pay a monthly subscription, you have to pay commission rates with each transaction and you have to rent or buy the case that is expensive … These costs can jeopardize the financial health of the independent's business.

Four well-suited payment terminals for drivers and taxis

We have four models to offer for these professionals:

These are effective terminals. They can work with a SIM card (myPOS Mini) or with the Bluetooth connection and mobile app (Pocket Smile, SumUp Air and iZettle Reader 2). In this business, the driver is always equipped with his smartphone, especially to have easier contact with his customers and to use the built-in GPS. The presence of the SIM card is therefore not mandatory.

These payment terminals do not require a commitment. You can buy them and use them as much as you like. There is no monthly fee or subscriptionfee. Once you've purchased the device, you'll be able to use it for as long as you feel the need.

Let's talk about the cost of the product: the SumUp Air is available at 39 degrees. It is very often found at 19 -HT… The case designed and designed by iZettle starts at 79 degrees. It is often found in… 19-HT. The PocketSmile, on the other hand, is entirely French, because Smile and Pay is a French company, selling for 79 euros. There are promotional offers to find it at 49 euros. Finally, the myPOS Mini is available for 129 euros, which is still expensive.

iZettle Reader 2, SumUp Air or Pocket Smile? Which one to choose?

After seeing the main features of these products, it's time to go deep.

Commission rates are the only means of remuneration for companies. At iZettle and SumUp, they are fixed at 1.75%. On the other hand, at Smile and Pay, we will find two offers, compatible with the PocketSmile. Commission rates are down from 2%HT to 1.2%HT. If you have a monthly turnover (CA) of more than 3400 euros, then it becomes interesting to think of The PocketSmile. The rate will rise to 1.73%HT, then go up to 1.2%HT (available from 10,000 euros of revenue).

All (or almost) cards are accepted. The differences are subtle and occur at the level of foreign maps. However, is this the most important thing? As long as VISA and MasterCard cards are accepted, you are safe.

Contactless payment is a part of it, both with the chip as well as with smartphones or smartwatches. Apple Pay and Google Pay are tolerated. Samsung Pay should be here soon.

In other words, the customer can pay in three ways:

  • By inserting the card into the credit card reader and typing its PIN,
  • By placing the NFC chip on its card to activate contactless payment,
  • Using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

All of these solutions are ideal for taxi drivers and VTCs.

For these professionals, our choice will be more on iZettle Reader 2 and SumUp Air which are perfectly suited tPE for this job.