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Quick summary iZettle

izettle testWith no monthly subscription, transparent pricing, easy-to-use everyday application and a quality product, iZettle has it all.

The case does (really) cheap when you observe the competition. There are many means of payment. iZettle could be the perfect solution… Unfortunately, it is not possible to use it abroad or to use the free application as cash register software.

This solution is for people who want to be effective, concrete and no headaches. Cashing in payments should be as easy, intuitive and simple as possible. iZettle responds very well to these requests. It is not for entrepreneurs who are looking for a standalone solution, since it needs to be connected to the phone, through Bluetooth.

In this iZettle test, we will share our iZettle review since we have been using it for several weeks.

Recently owned by Paypal, iZettle is a very interesting payment solution for mobile. Version 2 of the Reader is efficient: faster, more beautiful, more efficient. It appeals to micro-enterprises and entrepreneurs. What for? Because the offer is complete.

The ‘

The most:

  • Quick, very fast registration,
  • Purchase iZettle Reader 2 cheap,
  • Many means of payment accepted,
  • Quality mobile application,
  • Easy-to-make cash and transfers,
  • Commission set at 1.75%.

The least:

  • Is not autonomous,
  • Can't be used abroad,
  • The free version of the application cannot be used as cash register software.

acheter izettle

The tPE iZettle payment terminal

iZettle offers only one version of its payment terminal. Other products are available such as the cash register which will be discussed later.

This TPE is very sober. It is entirely black or white (with black buttons). It is equipped with twelve buttons, including 10 digits from 0 to 9, one button to cancel and one button to validate. Aesthetically, the product is very successful, it is beautiful and it inspires confidence: it's simple. When you know how hard it is to design a simple product… Congratulations to iZettle!

This payment terminal only works if it is connected, via Bluetooth, to a tablet or smartphone. Nevertheless, your phone must be new enough to be compatible. This product can be easily purchased on the Internet, through the official website.

After downloading the iOS and Android mobile app, you'll need to log in to your account and set up the payment terminal to cash in the money.

This mobile software has several functions,including the catalog. You will be able to manage a whole list of products, have information about the payments you have received, you will be able to manage a complete history… A lot of hard work has been done by the engineers and you can feel it.

The authorized means of payment are the great strength of iZettle. All basic credit and debit cards are accepted on the market, MasterCard and VISA cards are also on the market. We find the V Pay, Maestro and Visa Electron cards. But the best is to come. Foreign cards such as American Express, Diners Club card, JCB card (for Japanese) and China Union Pay card (for Chinese) are accepted. For entrepreneurs who live in large metropolises and who are likely to receive foreign clients, this is a huge asset.

Commission fees are high at 1.75% for each transaction.

As a reminder: no commitment, no subscription, just a commission. And that's it. It's iZettle!

The ‘

The most:

  • 1 single version of the electronic payment terminal,
  • Available in black and white, very minimalist design, very clean design,
  • A quality mobile application that meets multiple needs,
  • Catalog function within the app,
  • Several bank cards are accepted, including foreign bank cards,
  • One-time commission fees at 1.75%, for each transaction,
  • No subscription,
  • No monthly fees,
  • No commitment.

The least:

  • Not autonomous,
  • Requires a smartphone or tablet fairly recent.

iZettle box content

iZettle is a brand that takes care of its marketing and packaging. This is the case with Reader 2. The box is white with a visual of the payment terminal.

Inside are classic elements:

  • The iZettle Reader 2 electronic payment terminal,
  • The USB cable to recharge it,
  • A multi-length user guide,
  • The one-year guarantee,
  • A summary of all the means of payment accepted.

Since the end of 2018, we have been left with two models of Reader 2. There was the white color, from the beginning. Now the black color is available.

The case is still the same size, 11.05 cm long, 6.86 cm wide and 1.95 cm thick. With such dimensions, we must recognize that the grip is very pleasant.

The slot to insert the credit card is located on the bottom end of the device. The contactless part, on the other hand, is well at the screen level, as with the vast majority of current payment terminals.

Small words about autonomy: we are on an average of 100 transactions. That's enough for a small trader who has a shop with a few sales a day. According to iZettle, this device performs better than the competition because it can last the day. To recharge it, it will take 8 hours. Interesting information: Reader 2 is available even when it is being recharged. You can load it and continue to cash in peace.

Payment methods authorized by iZettle

There are many of them, to our surprise! We didn't expect it at all. Asian cards are accepted and we welcome this possibility.

In summary we end up with these bank cards (credit and debit) that are accepted:

  • MasterCard Cards,
  • Visa
  • Maestro Maps,
  • V pay cards,
  • VISA Electron cards.

In addition to these classic cards, we are pleased to present foreign cards such as:

  • American Express cards for Americans travelling to France,
  • JCP maps for Japanese who love our beautiful capital,
  • Discover Maps,
  • China Union Pay Cards.

By doing so, the message sent by iZettle is strong: “With iZettle Reader 2, you can accept everyone in your establishments“.

Payments can be made by contact, by inserting the card into the appropriate slot and typing the code. It is also possible to pay the bills with contactless payment, either with the credit card or with the phone. In both cases, it is a matter of placing the payment method above the player and the trick is played! As simple as that…

Payment through Google Pay or Apple Pay is not subject to a payment limit. The use will simply have to validate the operation with his smartphone, either by facial recognition or by fingerprint.

iZettle was keen to simplify transactions. They made it a goal. With a conventional TPE, the request for payment authorization can last up to 10 seconds. With Reader 2, it only takes 5 seconds (!) to make sure the payment is accepted.

Rates: fixed and affordable transaction fees

Transaction fees are unique and apply to each payment. The rate applied by iZettle is 1.75%. Unlike other manufacturers, this rate is not degressive. No matter how much you have generated in the month, the rate will always be the same.

To make a small iZettle comparison, you will find that the amounts are the same with SumUp.

To this, it will be necessary to add the fee to obtain the payment terminal at 19 euros. This price is paltry compared to the solutions provided.

For companies that generate a yearly turnover of less than €50,000, it's obvious that iZettle's Reader 2 is the solution for you.

Mobile app management

the application of iZettle can be summed up in these words: above the competition. The developers have done a crazy job. The features present are complete and the ergonomics is more than perfect.

The use of the app is a point of great interest to us. Being able to handle your cashing device with ease is an obligation when the same object is used several times a day… You will be able to efficiently manage each cash ingset and make a specific point about your accounting, every day.

Let's start with the catalog. This is a feature that few competitors have. Located in the burger at the top left of the screen, you will notice that there are other accessible menus.

As you might expect, the catalog is the space where you will create and insert all products as you go into the app's database. If one day you decide to change supplier, material or price on an already present product, just change it. You don't have to create a new product!

A product sheet may contain an image, a name, stock management, a unit of measurement, VAT management and price. Adding a product is a breeze!

For some commercial and marketing operations, it is possible to consider creating a discount from the application, very simply.

Bill a basket from the catalogue

At the time of payment, you will indicate all the products you need and press the “Cash” button. Even if it can't, the application seeks to be as complete as a cash register software. You will have the choice between payment by credit card (on the TPE), cash payment, sending a link and invoice. In the latter case, the user's contact information will have to be inserted.

Bill a personalized amount

For various and varied reasons, it is possible to insert an amount manually to charge a customer. In this case, you will have to click “Amount” in the menu. The interface that arrives is, it could not be simpler! You indicate the amount, the VAT, a name to the transaction and that's it. As with the previous example, the user ends up with several solutions to pay for.

Edit a receipt

For card payments, it is mandatory to provide a receipt as a trace. How do I do that? Once the transaction is complete, you will be able to select the mode of issuance of the receipt (email, text or paper). For the paper version, you have to buy the printer that iZettle makes available. It is a relatively expensive product. For the good of our planet, publishing a receipt by mail or SMS is a good alternative.
In the “Receive” tab you can find all the history of the old published receipts.

prix izettle

How do you get your money back?

The recovery of the money that has been cashed is done without difficulty. Unfortunately, it is not possible to manage this part from the application. You have to go through the web version of iZettle.

When the transaction was made, the money does not immediately land in your bank account. It will be stored on funds managed by the Swedish company(but which has no control overit, it is providers who take care of it). The principle is the same as for Paypal, the company that bought iZettle.

Once you're connected to this iZettle “My Account” space, all you have to do is enter your company's bank details.

Then you can choose how often you pay to your bank account. No fees are required. On the other hand, that is when the company will collect the 1.75% commission.

Point of information: the storage of funds is not to be feared since it is the local regulator, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, which monitors the proper preservation of clients' funds.

How do I order the iZettle Payment Terminal?

For the purposes of the iZettle test, we have made an iZettle purchase on the official website in France. As expected, the creation of an account is mandatory. They ask for information about the company, such as the status of your company, your corporate name if you have one and a SIRET number.

Then you will be asked for a bank card to finance the payment terminal which costs 19 euros. The price includes delivery fees. For our iZettle test, the order was made on a Sunday and we received it on Tuesday morning, by DHL, or 48 hours worked. It's a respectable deadline.

Be aware that it is possible to order the TPE from the mobile app.

iZettle Customer Service

To contact iZettle, you have classic solutions:

  • Use the help section, which is very complete with a high-performance search engine, directly on the website.
  • By phone, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The telephone number is 09 71 07 07 03.
  • By message via this link.

How do I set up your iZettle payment terminal?

As with all the procedures designed by iZettle, this manipulation is, once again, very simple.

Just go to his mobile app to go into “Settings” which is in the menu, bottom left. Then you have to find “Card Reader.” After choosing the right model you have, you need to turn on the Reader 2. When the phone and the iZettle are located, numbers appear on the phone. They must be inserted on the device and validated. A second stage of confirmation is present, always with numbers, and then it's over. It didn't take more than a minute to set up your iZettle payment terminal…

Evolution to a full point of sale

To have a complete device, it is possible to invest in hardware from the official website. You'll find a cash drawer, a receipt printer, desks, scanners, a barcode reader (available only for iOS) and other accessories.

You will have all the necessary elements to have a quality cash register.

What type of iZettle is best suited for this type of business?

The iZettle version we tested will suit a lot of people. Using an iPad as a cash register, it's very easy to have a small, quality cash register that meets your needs.

iZettle is ideal for companies that don't make a lot of revenue. If you make more than 50,000 euros a year, using a bank can be more interesting. However, ease of use can confuse more than one. As commission rates are low, many entrepreneurs can find their way there.

Conclusion: iZettle reviews

iZettle has become one of the leaders of the payment terminal in 2019. Since its launch in 2010, the changes have been significant and the quality of service has been constantly improving.

Although it cannot be sold or marketed as such, due to cash register laws, the device is very complete. It can make it a quality and efficient cash application!

The ease of installation, configuration, handling makes these steps enjoyable. We don't waste any more time charging customers. Everything is intuitive. It's all simple. Everything is beautiful.

We regret the impossibility of managing its payments from its mobile application and that the online solution, on the Internet, is even more complete than the mobile app. But that's just a small detail…

In conclusion of this iZettle comparison, it must be recognized that it is difficult to find faults. We are convinced by this solution. And we're not the only ones.