Where to buy a payment terminal?

The electronic payment terminal is an essential accessory for the vast majority of people who run a business. It's a bank card reader. It allows you to accept credit card payments and contactless payments.

Purchasingmobile payment terminal is a smart purchase. Banks offer alternative solutions, expensive, under contract, with a duration of commitment and colossal fees. With SumUp, iZettle, Smile and Pay and myPOS,you won't have these constraints.

Four companies to distinguish themselves from banks

The four companies cited in the introduction have a completely different view of the market. Indeed, they offer a product available for purchase (at low prices) with considerable advantages.

Among them is the lack of commitment. You can buy a product from iZettle and use it when you need it. It is not subject to a commitment period. You're free.

There is the lack of subscription. Each month, with the TPEs provided by the banks, there is often the presence of a monthly subscription for the use of the case. With these brands, this is not the case.

Finally, the only expense you will make to these companies is the commission rate. This is deducted from every transaction you have cashed in. Depending on the company, the rate may be degressive or fixed:

  • SumUp, iZettle and myPOS charge a fixed rate of 1.75 of the amount cashed in,
  • Smile and Pay charges a degressive rate based on monthly revenue. Between 100 and 2000 euros of revenue, it is 2HT that will be taken from you. From €10,000, the commission rate rises to 1.2HT. Between 2,000 and 9,999 euros, the rate is degressive. Depending on your monthly CA, you will have a different rate.

The products marketed are small, compact and have a good battery life. They last for the vast majority, easily during the day. Models that don't have a printer like the iZettle Reader 2, SumUp Air, SumUp 3G, PocketSmile and myPOS Mini can fit in a trouser pocket. This way, they can be easily transported.

Where to get these Mobile Payment Terminals?

These are not portable payment terminals that are designed to move around a store. They are known as indoor wireless TPEs.

Mobile TPEs are those that work with a SIM card or the phone's SIM card through a Bluetooth connection.

Let's find out, without further ado, where we can buy this mobile payment terminal:

  • SumUp Air and SumUp 3G: you have to create an account on the official website. Several data are required, especially about the company, and then you will have an interface to buy one of the two cases. Delivery is very fast.
  • iZettle Reader 2: Creating an account is mandatory to buy this efficient and efficient TPE. Everything is done from the brand's official website.
  • PocketSmile and MaxiSmile: these two electronic devices can be found on the website of Smile and Pay, a French company. The purchase of one of the two boxes is done on their site, and the delivery is very fast (48H worked).
  • myPOS Combo and myPOS Mini: other myPOS TPe are available on their shop. We haven't tested them. To acquire them, you have to go to the company's official website and choose the “French” language. Registration and purchase take longer, as there is a video identity verification stage and a mandatory bank account is created with the purchase of the TPE.