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myPOS is a London-based company. It sells mobile payment terminals,but that's not all. It is a company that has a different, and more complete, market view.

On the site, we tested two of their products that are the myPOS Mini and the myPOS Combo. These are two interesting products and are equivalent to the PocketSmile and MaxiSmile from Smile and Pay, a French company.

Promotional offers are sometimes put in place by the publisher. Right now, we do not have one. This article will be regularly updated to inform you of the offers that can be had and to communicate them to you.

We will make a brief portrait of myPOS as well as the two payment terminals we tested. You will discover their strengths, because they are really two attractive products that can overshadow iZettle and SumUp, the two modern TPEs that currently dominate the market.

Two payment terminals for more flexibility

myPOS offers two payment terminals. These are items that make it easy to cash in money. Let's take a quick look at the strengths of these payment terminals.

The myPOS Mini is the direct competitor to the PocketSmile, SumUp Air and iZettle Reader 2. It's a compact device that allows you to cash in money from anywhere. Indeed, it is equipped with a SIM card which allows to use it without the mobile application to cash in money. However, the use of the application as a supplement would not be too much. Indeed, it allows to have additional information and a complete follow-up on the management of myPOS Mini.

The myPOS Combo is another interesting payment terminal. It competes directly with Smile and Pay's MaxiSmile. It is more expensive to buy, but also more complete. With this TPE, you will be fully autonomous, no matter what job you do on a daily basis. It has a SIM card to work with the 3G network, from wherever there is coverage.

In both products, you will be able to cash in money from several different bank cards. We will find the VISA, the VISA Electron, the V pay card, the MasterCard, the Maestro, the American Express card, the foreign card China Union Pay, JCB and Bancontact for Belgians. For the Dutch with iDEAL, it is possible.

Contactless payment is included in the use of TPEs. You can offer payment with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Another advantage of these products is the lack of time to receive the money in his professional bank account. Indeed, the subscription to a TPE from myPOS necessarily involves the creation of a dedicated bank account. The bank account is interesting, but it doesn't just have advantages. Indeed, the fees are particularly expensive, especially if you want to make a SEPA transfer to your current professional bank account.

On the other hand, the use of the mobile app is free, both on the computer and on the smartphone. It's a shame that we can't do all the actions on the web interface directly from the application.

Finally, there are elements already present in the competition such as the absence of monthly fees,there is no subscription, and only the cost of the case a commission rate with each transaction of 1.75%. This rate is exactly the same as found in iZettle and SumUp.

The purchase cost of the MyPOS Combo TPE is 249.00 euros and 129.00 euros for the myPOS Mini. These are significantly large amounts when compared to competition. But it does not have a bank account and the myPOS Mini is autonomous.

How do I take advantage of an offer for myPOS?

Currently, there is no offer or myPOS promo code available. As soon as an opportunity arises to you, we will update this article.

Promotions are diverse and varied. The two TPEs tested are not the only ones marketed by the company. Other products such as myPOS Go, myPOS Mini Ice, myPOS Smart and myPOS Smart N5.