How much does a payment terminal cost?

The mobile payment terminal is not an expensive product. On the other hand, conventional payment terminals have more expensive costs. However, the guarantees and insurance are not the same.

Mobile payment terminals have considerable advantages that we will present to you at the heart of this article.

Why opt for a mobile payment terminal?

The payment terminal has been in existence for several years. Over time, changes have come as a result of technological advances, which are always more efficient.

The communication patterns of a TPE have evolved. From now on, THE TPEs can be connected by a phone socket,through an RJ45 cable to be connected to the ADSL Internet box,the Wi-Fi connection or the SIM card and the 3G/GPRS network.

Many types of TPEs exist with fixed TPEs, portable TPEs and mobile TPEs. Fixed EPTs are, as the name suggests, payment terminals that are always connected to operate and cash in. Portable PETs are payment terminals that are designed to operate close to the base. In other words, they are used to move inside a store, to always be connected to the communication network.

Then there is the mobile TPE, a new kind of payment terminal that is increasingly appealing to entrepreneurs and merchants for several reasons.

Understanding the success and craze of the Mobile Electronic Payment Terminal

Mobile PETs are several assets that we will list you:

  • They are small and compact. Some models lack a received printer, which saves a lot of space. The SumUp Air, myPOS Mini, PocketSmile and iZettle Reader 2 are devices that can be found in trouser pockets. This makes it easy to transport them.
  • It is not possible to rent them. You have to buy them. The price of these boxes is paltry compared to what a bank can offer its customer for a TPE. The merchant owns his payment terminal. He can use it any way he wants, easily and easily.
  • There is no commitment time. When a contractor buys a mobile device like this, they can use it as many times as they want. There is no contract that binds the company to the trader.
  • There is no monthly fee or subscription fee. The trader will be able to use the TPE as he wishes, safely. With this format, it realizes great savings compared to renting such an object. These savings will allow him to invest to make his company a better, more efficient, more efficient and of a higher quality.
  • The installation and configuration of these TPEs is easy: in 5 minutes, not even, everything is configured and ready to use.
  • The case is purchased online, on the Internet, on the manufacturer's official website. There is no risk of finding a defective or counterfeit product. Companies only sell on their websites.
  • These TPEs are often connected to a mobile application (not all mobile TPEs are connected). Thanks to this link, the trader can use his TPE with a semblance of cash software. He will be able to access sales statistics, analyze the products that work best, understand the strengths and weaknesses of his company to adopt better strategies in the future. These applications are complete and are an additional support for the business leader.

How much does such a device cost to cash in by credit card?

We said above that the cost of a mobile payment terminal was not high.

To give you a better view of prices, you have to compare them with conventional payment terminals.

For example, a tPE rental at the bank can cost about 20 euros/month, to which must be added a registration fee (about 50) and installation fees. If not for a year, the cost of the product amounts to 240 euros for simply the rental, but by adding the installation and file costs, we end up at about 440.

The purchase of a classic TPE can start at 150 euros and exceed a thousand euros, especially for some contactless models that exceed 400 to 500 ht …

The mobile TPEs we are talking about, the ones that are marketed by SumUp, iZettle, Smile and Pay and myPOS are much cheaper and more complete!

For information: they accept all contactless payments and the vast majority of foreign cards (Bancontact, JCB, China Union Pay, Diners Club, American Express, iDEAL in addition to MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, VISA Electron…).

The cost of a SumUp Air is 39 euros… with a regular offer at 19-HT.

SumUp 3G (with the SIM card included) from sumUp costs 99 euros with a frequent offer at 69 euros

TheiZettle Reader 2 from iZettle, on the other hand, costs 79 euros at the initial price. Only, to compete with the SumUp Air, it is present at 19 ht, the time of some enticing offers.

The PocketSmile is normally 79 euros. It's on sale at 49 degrees.

Smile and Pay's MaxiSmile is available at €299 at the initial rate. It's at 229 degrees at times.

The myPOS Combo, the TPE with a printer from myPOS (which includes a mandatory bank account) is available at 249 euros.

The myPOS Mini, always at myPOS is present for 129 euros.

These tariffs are attractive and their products will suit the vast majority of the needs of the affected contractors.

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