How do I get a mobile payment terminal?

The purchase of a mobile payment terminal is not trivial. It is the one that will allow you to cash money easily into your professional bank account. You will be able to accept bank cards in addition to cash and cheques.

The market has changed drastically in recent years, to the point of becoming complete and efficient. Players such as SumUp, iZettle, myPOS and Smile and Pay have so far shaken up the market, which is largely owned by traditional banks. How do I get such an item?

Why invest in a mobile payment terminal?

This is an investment that can be described as indispensable. With the emergence of the status of micro-enterprise (formerly self-entrepreneur), companies are creating more and more. Some, such as craftsmen, restaurateurs or drivers, will need a way to cash in their benefits. By using a mobile payment terminal, these professionals are able to accept:

  • Checks, but beware of unfunded cheques,
  • The species,
  • The credit card.

The latter means of payment is certainly the most used at present. That's why he's so appreciated. With contactless payment, cashing in for small amounts is faster.

With the evolution of technologies, the bank card can integrate directly into a smartphone and become even more efficient and complete. Smartwatches and smartphones are used as relays to pay merchants directly. This should not be overlooked.

Which mobile payment terminal to choose?

Payment terminals are plentiful on the market. There are those offered by banks (which have many drawbacks) and those offered by independent companies. We are interested in the latter.

myPOS, SumUp, iZettle and Smile and Pay are among them. These four companies offer effective products. And far more efficient (and economical) than the ones that banks offer.

The TPEs designed by these brands are SumUp Air, SumUp 3G, iZettle Reader 2, myPOS Mini, myPOS Combo, PocketSmile and MaxiSmile. We did not mention the other products marketed by myPOS because we did not test them. We only talk about what we know!

Prices to buy these TPEs vary. You should know that there is no commitment period, that there is no subscription or monthly plan to pay. That's what makes them attractive products.

Promotional offers are regularly put in place by these suppliers. The SumUp Air and iZettle Reader 2 are often found at a price that defies all competition: 19 euros. Yes yes, only 19.0. These two devices do not work without a smartphone. The mobile app found on smartphones and tablets is very comprehensive and offers a fantastic experience for merchants.

These boxes can be used in a store or on the move, as long as the phone has the network.

Places and sites to buy these TPEs

Electronic payment terminals can be purchased at different locations… But on the same universe: the Internet. A SumUp Air cannot be purchased on any site other than the brand's official website, SumUp. The principle is the same for other TPEs. The products are present on the official stores of the respective publishers (SumUp, myPOS, iZettle and Smile and Pay).

To buy accessories and turn them into a cash register, you will find various items in their stores that will meet your needs.