How do I connect a payment terminal?

The connection of a payment terminal may take place for a variety of reasons. The first will be connecting to a network to interrogate banks and cash in payments, while the second option is to recharge payment terminals.

In this article, we will address both situations. We will explain the process and how it needs to be used to get the best working scan.

The connection of the payment terminal to cash

Payment terminals you know can connect to a network to query banks. You can use the IP mode, which involves connecting directly to the Internet box. The payment terminal uses this network to communicate with banks. This is when the merchant, you, can know whether the payment is accepted or not.

The connections of these payment terminals can be made via an ethernet socket that is connected to the Internet box or a telephone socket.

This type of connection is quite old. Today, new communication and information technologies exist and are more effective. These new TPEs work in wifi or using a SIM card that is linked to an operator. This solution offers a solution to entrepreneurs and employees who have to cash in, everywhere, in total mobility or to have a TPE that connects to an application. The latter facilitates inventory management, cost management, accounting…

There is a payment terminal, the SumUp Lite, which requires a connection with a phone via a jack cable to operate. This link is there to replace Bluetooth, a technology found in SumUp Air. Once the phone is connected to the payment terminal, the phone can launch the app and manage the cashing in in peace.

Connecting to recharge its payment terminal

The payment terminal may have a limited lifespan. The vast majority of products work with a battery. Depending on the model, the operating time of a payment terminal varies. We can have objects that will last the day when others will hold up to 500 transactions. It all depends on the model.

The various solutions to recharge are:

  • Recharging on a pedestal. This is a device on which you will place the TPE. The support is connected to an electrical outlet, and through magnetic waves, it will transfer energy into the TPE battery. It will take the time necessary to fill up. It is estimated, on average, that it takes 8 to 10 hours to fully recharge the payment terminal.
  • Cable charging. It is a basic system, which we all know with computers and smartphones. Simply plug in the payment tool using a suitable cable. Once it's inserted into the power outlet, the device will be back on.

Recharging the TPE is not complicated. It is easy and easy.

The connection of a payment terminal can take place, both to recharge the device and to make communications between you and the banks.