Sanef group and Orange test contactless toll via smartphone

Orange and the Sanef Group are launching a contactless payment experiment via NFC smartphone on the A14 motorway. The two partners intend to anticipate users' expectations and offer them new services to facilitate their daily travel.

Customers wishing to use this service register on the internet and load the application on to their mobile. At the toll station, all he has to do is present his NFC smartphone, even off or off-cover. It will be debited at the end of the month, depending on the payment method it has declared upon registration.

Multi-phase experimentation

After laboratory tests, the first phase of testing in real conditions has just begun. The Sanef Group has integrated NFC drives into the existing facilities at the Montesson toll station (A14). The eight terminals, already equipped with bank card readers and stop-off tolls, are now operational. For nearly a month, some forty regular users of this toll, employees of Orange and the Sanef group, are responsible for testing the system in order to detect faults and areas for improvement. A second two-month test phase will be launched in the second quarter, with 200 testers selected from the Sanef and Orange group customers.
“This experiment will allow us to test the principle in all possible conditions, and then be able to offer a reliable service to our customers. It will also be used to measure the level of appetite for contactless tolls via smartphones and NFC technology, to which many merchants have already subscribed. Guy Frémont, Sanef Group's Prospective Manager.

Fluidity and simplicity

With this system, users will be able to validate their toll simply by approaching the back of their mobile phone a few centimetres from one of the toll station terminals, which will trigger the opening of the gate in less than a second.

Laurent Bessou, Project Manager of the Sanef Group: “This service is a first step towards joining the toll booth, which offers the advantage of ‘hands free' and ‘non-stop'. The idea is to offer a new service linked to the highway, via our mobile phone, which centralizes more and more: it has become a key tool of our daily life. And by using the SIM card as an information storage element, we can offer reliable and secure technology. In the long run, this system will offer many advantages to motorway customers: speed and ease of use, smoother traffic, centralization of services on the smartphone, etc. ».

If the test results are positive, this service can be rolled out to the general public via a downloadable application that will allow the user to pay the toll, track their expenses, and also benefit from new services through the Smartphone.

Contributing to the development of the NFC ecosystem

This approach is part of the innovation policies of the Sanef Group and Orange. Orange is carrying out numerous projects in this area, in order to develop more and more services with its partners: dematerialization of transport tickets (tram, bus, train and plane), contactless payment, smartphone access control etc.

“Mobile becomes our remote control in everyday life. At the toll booth, it makes it possible to smooth the passage, especially during busy periods. No need for tickets or coins, everything is stored securely in the mobile,” concludes François Xavier Godron Director of the contactless program France, Orange.