Code Promo Smile and Pay: Take advantage of the smile and pay offer

Smile and Pay is a French solution to cash in easily and simply. They offer two offers and two payment terminals for small companies or companies that generate a “small” turnover such as self-employed entrepreneurs.

This article is very interesting for you since we have an enticing offer to share with you.

Smile and Pay: two offers, two mobile payment terminals

Unlike the competitions like iZettle, SumUp or myPOS, Smile and Pay stands out with completely different products and services.

Two offers, Basic and Premium are available. The first is for people who will receive money moderately. The second is more geared towards companies that generate a large monthly turnover.

In the Basic offer, you'll find there's no installation fees, no monthly fees, phone or email support, activity reports and a mobile app available on iOS and Android.

This is the offer that will suit the vast majority of entrepreneurs. In order to be attractive to the competition, a minimum monthly turnover of 3400 euros is recommended. Indeed, it has a declining commission rate. It starts at 2%HT on each transaction to go down to 1.2%HT. Competition offers a single fixed commission rate of 1.75%. With Smile and Pay, starting at 3400 euros, the commission rate is 1.73%HT, which is more interesting than the competition (even if it is expressed in TTC …). Up to 10,000 euros per month, the rate will be decreasing to 1.2%HT. As soon as you reach this level of monthly turnover, it is recommended that you opt for the Premium offer.

The Premium offer is a high-end offer that will suit people who make many transactions every month. Indeed, the commission rate will decrease to become attractive. In return, a subscription is set up. It is an interesting offer for people who work in the restaurant business, who have opened a business or even companies that are growing.

Two payment terminals are available: the PocketSmile and the MaxiSmile. Both of these elements are very comprehensive. They're not going to be about the same people.

The PocketSmile is a easy-to-carry bank card reader. Thanks to its compact size, it can fit in a pocket. It works with the smartphone, through the iOS or Android mobile app (it's free).

All cards are accepted, such as VISA, MasterCard, credit bank cards and debit bank cards. To be part of the current trend, contactless payments are accepted, as are Apple Pay and Google Pay. However, it is not possible to publish receipts in paper format. This is a shipment that is done by SMS or email.

The MaxiSmile,on the other hand, is a totally different payment terminal. It is full and can connect to the Wi-Fi and mobile (3G) network. It is equipped with a SIM card and you will not have to pay a data fee.

This electronic payment terminal does not require a smartphone to operate. It also has a printer to edit paper receipts. It is a device that arrives within 48 hours and is ready for use as soon as you receive it.

How do I take advantage of the offer to buy a mobile payment terminal?

Unfortunately, the offer is not available for the MaxiSmile. Only the PocketSmile is eligible. This is a way for Smile and Pay to compete with the two market leaders iZettle and SumUp, both of which offer a mobile payment box at 19 degrees Celsius.

On the brand's website, all you have to do is complete the process to buy a case and pay for it. You'll automatically have a price displayed at 49 euros.

Delivery is very fast. In 48 hours worked, you will receive the payment terminal that holds a pocket of jeans! After a small step of configuration that remains relatively simple, all that remains is to collect money, simply and easily.

It is a pity not to have an economical offer for the MaxiSmile which is a great product.

If an offer comes in eventually, we will keep this article up to date.