Which payment terminal for Stripe?

More and more web companies are using a variety of services. Among them is Stripe, one of the leaders in facilitating online payments in all countries.

Stripe is a company founded in 2011 and has offices around the world, with 14 cities targeted. They have more than 1,700 employees and millions of users, from small start-ups to self-entrepreneurs to large companies like the well-known Google.

To receive payments online, it's easy to use and set up Stripe. It is a very efficient and well-studied tool to work on the European and French market.

But how do you cash in money in physics?

Cashing in physically in addition to cashing money on the Internet

This is a classic case that comes up a lot.

To cash in on the Internet, Stripe, Paypal, Payplug are all easy and easy solutions to implement. These tools are secure and provide a real solution to those who need them.

Before you talk about the payment terminal,do you have an adequate bank account? Did you know that online banks like Qonto, Boursorama Pro, Monabanq, N26 and many others are available for professionals who practice either online or in physics? By opting for these banking structures, you will be able to digitize your accounting as much as possible and the software will do the rest. It's a considerable time saving to focus on your job.

What is the best payment terminal to cash in on Stripe?

Of all the payment terminals we tested between Smile and Pay, myPOS, SumUp and iZettle, there are none that are compatible with Stripe. That's the big problem. Only one terminal is currently compatible with Stripe. This is Terminal. It is also known as Stripe Terminal. It is an electronic payment terminal available only in the United States marketed by… Stripe himself.

What is this product worth?

Stripe Terminal: an effective and efficient tool?

Stripe Terminal was manufactured to allow online merchants to have a presence in the physical world. The objective is to have the opportunity to cash in physically,which is an important part of some industries.

This payment terminal is well studied. It was designed to unify both payments made on the online store and the physical shop. In this way, the director who wants to analyze his company will be able to do so and not miss any information.

This TPE is linked to an application that is stored in the cloud. These are important elements to optimize the user experience and enable customers to have a smooth and simple purchasing process. For example, a person can book a product, buy it online or in-store, they can do so. You will be automatically informed of the current stock status. With hours and hours of development, Stripe Terminal and its app can be integrated directly into your website for an ever more efficient and better experience.

A unique experience with Stripe Terminal

The Terminal wants to shake up the traditional codes of cash software that exist. You have the option to create a point of sale in your image, with a personalized home page, receipts drawn in your image, etc. All this through an intuitive mobile application (available on smartphone and tablet).

You don't need to know a line of code to set up this system.

A secure and certified card reader

The Terminal is a card reader not very pretty at first, but that meets our needs. The mobile payment terminal is eMV certified on three levels (1, 2 and 3). What does that mean? End-to-end encryption,protection against fraud and counterfeiting and acceptance of contactless payments (both with the chip and with Google Pay and Apple Pay).

You need multiple card readers to manage your different shops? No problem. With Stripe Terminal, it's easy. Everything is connected to a network and an internet interface, reserved for the administrator, allows you to have an accurate state of affairs of all the TPEs in your company.

At the moment, this is not a solution available in France, but it will not be too late. It is curious whether the Terminal will comply with French cash register legislation.

It's a captivating and promisingsolution. We will do a test as soon as its availability in France arrives!