iZettle my account and login: Complete start-up guide

iZettle is a payment terminal owned by Paypal. This tool can be supplemented with a cash register and various accessories to make it more complete and efficient.

iZettle has only one payment terminal that can be available in two colors: black and white. This TPE is very efficient and meets several needs that small traders can have.

This device is different from what the competition offers. It is not able to function without its owner's smartphone. It does not have a SIM card.

It is an effective and effective element over time. In this guide, we will present all the necessary steps to use it correctly.

Introducing the tool

iZettle is a payment terminal that can operate anywhere, as long as there is a smartphone nearby. You can collect payments, both in a physical store and in your car for your customer (practical for taxis).

The cost of the device, iZettle Reader 2, is paltry when you see the competition. It's available for 19 degrees. This element is small and compact. It can easily be transported from one place to another. Despite its size, the battery is rather substantial. It can last a day without being connected to a wire. It's still more fun to cash in without getting stuck at a checkout counter!

The use and operation of this tool is very simple. You won't have any trouble setting it up, with all our tips that will follow.

How does iZettle work? – Start-up guide

To purchase the payment terminal, you have to take the time to complete the registration. This one is fast and is done in no time.

After that, the buying process will begin. Once you've received the TPE, you'll need to connect it to your smartphone, via Bluetooth, through the mobile app.

Finally, the device is ready to make any payments that are required in the future.

Setting up iZettle is very easy and easy to set up. You will have no difficulty doing so.

How do I create an account?

To do this, you have to go to the official website of the manufacturer which is translated into French. You can also do this via the mobile app. Creating an account is the first step. This account will be useful for you to connect to the mobile application, but also to the website's web interface.

Personal and professional data are required such as the status of the company, the company's corporate name, the SIRET number, the postal address…

When you've finalized the creation of the account, it's time to go to the checkout to invest in the payment terminal. The cost of the device is 39 euros. Shipping costs are included in this amount. Delivery times are short and fairly fast. In our case, the order was made on Sunday, we were delivered on Tuesday, a delay of 48 hours worked.

How do I connect with the smartphone?'

To start receiving payments, it is important to set up the link between the payment terminal and the smartphone.

With iZettle, we were surprised. Accustomed to other devices, complex and long manipulations, this step is relatively fast and intuitive.

To do this, you have to go to the “Settings” part that is in the menu of the mobile application. Subsequently, a “Card Readers” part appeared. Tap on it to get into this subgame. You will receive a request to find out what model you have. Insert yours which is the “iZettle Reader 2”. The link will come into place quite naturally. During the testing phase we conducted, we did not have any problems. With a minimum of actions on our part, the bond was a natural one. This is one of the strengths of iZettle.

In some contexts, it is possible to order multiple payment terminals. To make sure it's the right one, on the next screen, you'll have a direction: turn on the iZettle payment terminal that will be detected by the phone. Three digits will appear on both screens: if they are the right ones, you will be able to confirm the link and the device is (almost) ready to use. A second verification step (to avoid unintentional clicks) is present. A series of numbers appears on the mobile app. It is your responsibility to ensure that the numbers suite is the same on the payment terminal. To confirm this step, you don't have to press the mobile app, but the payment terminal, the green button.

Now your device is ready for use! All you have to do is set it up, through the mobile app or cash in payments directly.

Payments with this TPE

The device's mobile app is very powerful. In our opinion, of the four payment terminals we have had in our hands, the developers of iZettle are certainly the best performing.
You can charge a payment in two different ways:

  • Using the product catalogue,
  • By indicating manual billing.

In the first case,it must be understood that the application is very complete. You can insert a number of products or services you sell into the “Catalogue” menu. These items may appear in the basket by adding them manually, depending on what the customer decides. You will be able to manage VAT for each product, if your profession requires it. A global amount is emerging: all you have to do is press “Cash” to confirm the transaction.

Where iZettle is very smart is that it is not mandatory to pay by card (even if you have a bank card reader). You can ask the customer to pay by credit card, via the Internet via a link sent by email or SMS, in cash or by sending an invoice (for some professionals for example).

Nevertheless, the goal with such a device is to use the card reader. Once you've chosen the right payment method, after turning on the electronic payment terminal, you're going to get the amount that appears on the TPE screen. Customers can pay by inserting their card into the card reader and inserting their PIN, or through contactless payment. Finally, you have the opportunity to send a receipt to the customer, both by paper (if you have the iZettle printer that goes well) or by digital (email or SMS).

In the second case,you will need to insert the amount directly from the “Montant” menu. You indicate the amount and will resume all the previous steps (choice of payment method, receipt, sending of receipt…).

Using the mobile app

iZettle's mobile app is certainly the most comprehensive of all. It's simple, fluid and easy to handle on a daily basis. There are several sections: catalogue, amount, receipts, activities and your information. `

The catalogue section allows you to enter all the products and services you sell to your customers. So, when you pay, all you have to do is choose the right products or products to charge them.

The amount part is the part that allows you to enter an amount manually into the software. It's convenient when it comes to a product or service that you make/sell on an exceptional basis.

The part you received is where you will find all the receipts you have published so far. It is also a space where you can make a new mailing for a customer.

The activity part is the space where you will have a history of all sales made, a summary by period, etc.

Finally, the part of your information is only about the confidential information that belongs to you.

The means of payment accepted and authorized by iZettle

Many payment methods are available and accepted by iZettle.

In addition to choosing the payment method, it is possible to pay with different services and bank cards. You can find MasterCards, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, foreign cards like American Express, China Union Pay, JCB, or modern services from a phone, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. You can pay from your smartphone. Contactless payment is of course part of the game!

When is customers' money paid into our bank account?

Unfortunately, this part cannot be controlled from the mobile app. You have to go to the web interface where you will enter all the bank data to make the payments. The payment is made according to the frequency of your choice. It's very simple, it's fluid and it's fast. The delays are not long.

Our opinion on the configuration of the iZettle

Overall, this TPE is very efficient. It meets the majority of the needs that self-employed entrepreneurs can have. It is complete, it is fluid and fast to use. The setup is done in a very short time! The mobile application is its big highlight and makes us forget the lack of a 3G version with a SIM card.

We are convinced by this product and we recommend it!