In March, sncf expands the mobile app ter nfc to five new regions

Offered since October 15 in Lower Normandy, the TER NFC ticket service is now available in the Alsace, Aquitaine, Haute-Normandie, Lorraine and Midi-Pyrénées regions.

Developed in partnership with Orange and SFR and in association with the regions, this service represents a major innovation in terms of ticketing. It allows, with the same gesture, to buy, validate and have your TER ticket checked from its NFC mobile.

A mobile service for a smoother journey

With the SNCF TER NFC app, the phone becomes a unique medium for ter travel and allows for a simpler and more fluid service to the customer. The application is based on open European standards, which allow, among other things, to integrate combined pricing with urban, intercity or national transport.

Free and identical to each region, this app can be used on nearly 50 Android smartphone models with an NFC SIM card and an Orange or SFR subscription.

Through this service, SNCF's ambition is to support the emerging uses of mobile and NFC in transport.