iZettle promo code: Take advantage of the iZettle offer

iZettle is a PayPal-owned company. It is a company that has been working for several years to be the market leader in mobile payment terminal.

Over the years, the offer has improved considerably to become a benchmark. With SumUp, it is the two companies that compete in a healthy way to meet each other's needs.

iZettle offers only one payment terminal, which is the iZettle Reader 2. It is a compact and efficient device (its dimensions are 11cm by 7cm and 2cm thick). We tested it at the newsroom and it turns out it is our favorite.

We're going to share an exceptional and time-limited offer: a 60-euro discount on the purchase of the box,bringing it up to just 19 euros. Are you interested? Find out how to benefit from it and the strengths of the iZettle Reader 2.

One mobile payment terminal for everyone

Currently, iZettle offers only one payment terminal. This one is efficient and efficient. It doesn't work without a smartphone. It is necessary to install the application that is going well to take advantage of it.

The installation can be done on mobile or tablet. The app is definitely one of the best on the market right now. It is both complete and efficient. To have tested the competition with different offers, we must say that this TPE is the device that benefits from the best application on the market. It is complete, efficient, useful and intelligently designed.

This case can be suitable for different professionals,both nomadic and sedentary. Indeed, the battery present in the device observes a battery life of more than 8 hours. That's more than enough to last a full day's work. Between each transaction, you can turn it off and then turn it back on. It only takes “2 seconds” to turn on the device. This is a record time and very appreciable to use.

The iZettle Reader 2 is often considered not to be an expensive product… But is it interesting in terms of bank cards? Does it accept all bank cards or is there a limitation?

The list of bank cards and blue cards accepted is… Long! MasterCard, VISA, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, China Union Pay, VISA Electron and Maestro are accepted. But that's not all. Contactless payment is becoming more and more democratized. Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay are part of the adventure. You really won't have any excuse for refusing a payment!

iZettle communicates a lot about this aspect that is essential to them: safety. They have various protocols in place to ensure the security of monetary exchanges. All current (and most stringent) safety standards are met.

The iZettle Reader 2 is the most comprehensive payment terminal on the market in terms of security. The data is fully encrypted using HSM cryptographic servers.

In the event of a payment problem with a customer, iZettle offers you transaction insurance. The maximum amount covered is 250 euros of back-billing per month.

To reassure its users, iZette is EMV certified (Europay, MasterCard and VISA). A payment card industry security standard exists and their payment terminal complies with it (PCI DSS). This is a significant guarantee.

How can I take advantage of this exceptional offer?

More than an iZettle promo code, it's a formidable offer! To enjoy it, rest assured: it's a breeze! Just go to the manufacturer's official website and create an account. The financial discount is automatically applied! You will have an exceptional offer of 60 euros off the purchase of your mobile payment terminal.

If you want to have the refill holder, it's possible. You can order it directly on the official website. It costs 49 euros. It is very interesting for people who have a cash register to hold and that the payment terminal always stays on this counter. With this charging support, you won't have to worry about the battery anymore and will be completely serene!

Don't forget that the application is formidable with the management of a product catalog, the history of all sales, detailed reports…

With iZettle, you'll be hardly dissatisfied!