Contactless mobility on the right track

On December 3, 2015, Gemalto, Orange, RATP and SNCF announced the creation of Wizway Solutions, a joint venture dedicated to the development of Contactless Mobility.

AFSCM, which counts Gemalto, Orange and SNCF among its members, looks back at this flagship announcement for the development of mobile contactless in France.

“Wizway Solutions” provides Transport And Carrier Organizing Authorities with a mobile transport card deployment solution. The phone becomes the unique medium of
all trips: tickets, notebooks, subscriptions.
The aim is to simplify the organisation of daily travel and transport for the traveller. A Transport Organising Authority or a carrier will be able to offer from mobile, purchase and validation of transport tickets combining several modes, for example the metro, the train, the bus, the bus or the tram.

It is the first industrial consortium of this size in the world for contactless mobility.

“Wizway Solutions” is being developed with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs and the Ministry of Transport as part of the vast plan of New Industrial France, initiated by the government in September 2013.

A solution to deploy transport cards on NFC mobile phones, made available to the Transport Organising Authorities and carriers.
A multi-operable solution dedicated to the Transport Organising Authorities (AOT), open and flexible, based on their transport modernization projects, which they are at the level of a
city, agglomeration or region.
The guarantee of a world-renowned technical expertise from the joint venture partners.

Gemalto brings its expertise in digital security platforms dedicated to NFC mobile telephony. Gemalto is already the partner of many global operators.

Orange brings more than 10 years of research and development on NFC technology, as well as its testing know-how and relationships with smartphone manufacturers.

RATP AND SNCF, for their part, bring their expertise in the field of multimodality, knowledge of the travel chain, customer journey, ticketing systems,
validation and control.

A turnkey service offering with the joint venture as a single point of contact, including pre-negotiation of the necessary contracts with all the mobile operators involved. This
will simplify access to the service for transport organising authorities.
In the long run, the desire to export this solution to other European markets.

This turnkey solution will enable transport organising authorities to:
Deploying ranges of mobile services at their own pace and based on their choice of security and customer experience;
– to confidently delegate all of the technical functions of the mobile service, and to focus on their core business activities (ticketing, mobile application, customer experience);
To decide on the timetable, the range of services, and the pricing to be implemented in their territory.
Representing 40 national trips, the Ile-de-France, through its Transport Organising Authority, the Transport Union of Ile-de-France (STIF), is a natural partner for the operational implementation of services. This is also the case for AOTs in all major French cities.