SumUp Promo Code: Take advantage of the SumUp offer at €19 instead of €39

SumUp offers two boxes to collect money for independent entrepreneurs, but also for small companies that don't generate big turnover.

To encourage you, we have the honor of sharing with you a small discount of about 50% on the purchase of the case. As a result, the SumUp Air is increased from 39 to 19 cents. This offer is not eternal and remains limited in time.

SumUp is not one, but two payment terminals

SumUp is a British company that is one of the largest in the mobile payment terminal market.

To take advantage of this offer, nothing is complicated: from the home page of the website, you can buy the SumUp Air payment terminal for mobile for only 19 euros.

The same goes for people who prefer to invest in a standalone payment terminal like the SumUp 3G. The price of the initial mobile payment terminal is 99 euros. From now on, you can get it for 30 euros less, i.e., 69 euros.

This offer is not valid for everyone. It is only for new users. It has a limited time in time: it is only accessible until 30/09/2019.

Why do we have to take this offer seriously?

By putting the SumUp Air at this price, the company is seriously competing with iZettle and its iZettle Reader 2 offered at 19-HT.

Both are efficient and efficient cases. It would be really hard to be dissatisfied with that.

The two are almost similar. They propose identical commission rates, at 1.75%. The thing that can make a difference will certainly be the mobile app.

To get a good answer to this question, the best solution is to do the test. You can try the product for 30 days and run the “Satisfied or Reimbursed” warranty.

We've done the terminal payment test and the application implemented by SumUp is simple and easy to use. To make full use of it, it is best to opt for the SumUp Air that needs it to work. The SumUp 3G is independent and can work without the mobile app. It would be a shame not to use that force.

A quick reminder of SumUp

It is a company that works to become the market leader. Currently, SumUp and iZettle are very close and offer efficient and efficient solutions.

Mobile payment terminals are simple opportunities to accept payments quickly and without constraint. The seller no longer has to pay a subscription or a monthly fee (as is often the case with traditional physical banks). Indeed, mobile solutions offered by many companies like iZettle, SumUp, Smile and Pay and myPOS will offer services and products without commitment. You can use them as much as you want without paying a fee. To pay them, they will charge 1.75% on average on each payment you collect with the bank card reader.

To make the most of SumUp, it is possible to invest in ancillary products such as cash register and printer. They are not required for the operation of SumUp 3G and SumUp Air.
The SumUp Air and a phone are enough to work together and quickly cash in.

How do I cash in on these EPTs?

It's very simple. When you purchase the case, you're going to have to create an account. Once you receive it, between 3 and 5 days later, you can connect the device to your phone, log into your account on the mobile app, confirm the connection between the two objects and cash in your first payment.

The money will be stored in an account. Then, it's up to you to insert your bank details of your business account and schedule payments regularly. The frequency is variable: every day, every week or once a month. This one is free and free of charge.

Don't delay in getting the SumUp Air at 19-HT or the SumUP 3G at 69 degrees (instead of 39 and 99 degrees, respectively). These are offers not to be missed!

If there is a problem with the use of the case, you can go to the customer service that will give you the answers you need.